It all started with a Shirt.

Visantine was born on a Brooklyn living room floor as a side hustle between two friends. 

During their debut of women’s shirts at the Hester Street Fair in Lower Manhattan, Visantine was invited to participate in the Lower East Side Runway show and exhibit a full collection. Ivy and Maria decided they would rather ride their bikes to the garment district and fill their baskets with fabric and supplies than sit at their desk jobs. 

Ivy, an FIT graduate, now continues the creative direction in collaboration with Batik Artisans in Yogjakarta, Indonesia. After managing a women’s weaving cooperative in Peru and working in the New York fashion industry for a number of years, Ivy decided to fuse her two passions: ethical design and Artisan collaboration. 


Meet Our Makers...

Visantine collaborates with the Brahma Tirta Sari batik studio in Yogjakarta, Indonesia, to create our handmade batik. Yogja is considered the soul of Java: a craft mecca where the Javanese language is still the most spoken among it’s residents. Truly a hub of authenticity, Yogja is protective of it's customs and maintains a court governed by a Sultan.



Brahma Tirta Sari meaning, “creativity is the source of all knowledge” is owned by artists Agus and Nia Ismoyo.  Agus comes from a Batik family in the neighboring court city  of Solo, and Nia studied dye resist techniques of Africa and Asia at Pratt University in Brooklyn.  Since 1985, the artists have exhibited at many prestigious exhibitions throughout Europe, the US and Indonesia: including cultural exchanges with the Aboriginals in the desert of Australia. Theirs is a total friends and family operation of
the 20 artisans they employ.


Although we believe it’s important to preserve the craft of Batik in it’s homeland, all of our sewing production is done domestically by Iryna Porter in Philadelphia, PA. Iryna is a Kiev University graduate, specializing in Engineering and Sewing Technology. After years of experience in the US, the Belarus native realized a lof of clothing manufacturing was being done without knowledge of sewing technology. She decided to lend her expertise and started her own studio in 2013. Iryna specializes in everything from design development and patternmaking to final product.