Batik Flower Culotte

Batik Flower Culotte


The fabric for this culotte was handmade in Yogjakarta, Indonesia in collaboration with traditional batik artisans. Batik is a dye resist process with wax. The pattern is drawn or stamped on with wax, and then immersed into a dye bath multiple times until the desired hue is achieved. The wax is then boiled off, leaving the pattern. (natural plant dyes, organic cotton) Model is 5’9” wearing a size 4

*hand wash cold and hang dry

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                         Waist          Hips (5" below waist)           Inseam

                  2:       26"                  34"                                    23" 

                  4:       27.5"               35.5"                                  23.5" 

                  6:       29"                  37"                                     24" 

                  8:       30.5"               38.5"                                  24.5"