Indigo Crackle Shirt Dress

Indigo Crackle Shirt Dress

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4 pocket, button closure, 100% organic cotton shirt dress. Loose fit. Back pleat detail. Great as a dress, belted, or worn over jeans or leggings. Hand dyed and printed.(Model is 5'10" and a size M)    

100% organic cotton with natural indigo dyes. Each piece is hand painted with wax, crackled, and then dipped repeatedly in an indigo bath. The dye process is done is Yogjakarta, Indonesia, while the sewing is done locally in Philadelphia, PA. 

*wash cold with whites or hand wash. 

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                                    Bust                 Hip             Length 

Small:                          43"                   41"              38.5" 

Medium:                      45"                  43"              39" 

Large:                         47"                   45"              39.5"