Batik Flower Culotte (Last Pair Size 4!)

Batik Flower Culotte (Last Pair Size 4!)


The fabric for this culotte was handmade in Yogjakarta, Indonesia in collaboration with traditional batik artisans. Batik is a dye resist process with wax. The pattern is drawn or stamped on with wax, and then immersed into a dye bath multiple times until the desired hue is achieved. The wax is then boiled off, leaving the pattern. (natural plant dyes, organic cotton) Model is 5’9” wearing a size 4

*hand wash cold and hang dry

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                         Waist          Hips (5" below waist)           Inseam

                  2:       26"                  34"                                    23" 

                  4:       27.5"               35.5"                                  23.5" 

                  6:       29"                  37"                                     24" 

                  8:       30.5"               38.5"                                  24.5"